How Do You Build Social Capital in a Hybrid Workplace?

When people are working remotely, most communication is planned. The online environment might feel less natural to develop relationships, so people might find it more challenging to build connections.

Check out these 8 ideas on how to build relationships in the online world:

1. Try to get to know your colleagues and build relationships with them, just as you would in an office environment.

2. Participate in virtual team building and communication like virtual coffees, happy hours, virtual brown bag sessions, or virtual game nights.

3. Consider your colleagues’ preferences regarding interactions: email, chat, calls, and video calls. Follow up with a short personal meeting when possible, encouraging in-person interactions.

4. Schedule time to speak one to one with your colleagues, also about personal things and trivia.

5. Recognize your colleagues’ achievements and contributions to help build a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

6. Ask for help early if you need it for a task you are working on.

7. Help if you can help.

8. If company policy allows, use a virtual background in Teams or Zoom when using video. Something personal. A conversation starter. Change it regularly.



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