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With apreet business travelers & networkers can meet more people in their network, come face to face with more opportunities and seize the best ones.

Why apreet?

apreet Home: find and meet friends and network at your destinations

Whom it’s for

Heavy travelers of all kinds: speakers, trainers, executives, account managers, business developers, networkers, socializers, connectors, information gatherers. Or a group working from different locations.

Why we are doing this

Meeting in real life – more than ever – can make a huge difference. Do you like face-to-face meetings? Then apreet is for you.

How it works

By instantly building an itinerary based on your calendar events and placing the contacts of your address book next to your destinations, apreet shows you on your itinerary whom you could meet where. If your contacts are also using apreet, we overlay both your itineraries and you see when your itineraries overlap.

You never know who you’ll run into in your travels. But why rely on coincidence? apreet compares travel plans and alerts you when they coincide before you take off — so you can simply plan to meet.

Travel responsibly. Get the most out of your time In the future we want to assist you in saving entire trips.

The Founder's Story

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It All Started in New York

When traveling to New York I wanted to meet as many of my friends and contacts as possible. So I contacted 16 of them on LinkedIn. Turned out, that half of them, 8, were out of town. I thought, maybe at the same time, some other 8 people I know from around the world are in town while I am there. How could I know who they are? 

Well, a status update on Twitter or LinkedIn works sometimes (however they will be buried fast in the timeline, even more so these days with the algorithms aggressively promoting more and more content that drives interactions). Nearby Friends on Facebook is also an interesting option (for people that have opted-in and are still using Facebook).

Still, preferably I’d like to set up my meetings in advance, so real-time matches are only so good. Why isn’t there some solution that allows me to see who will be in town?

So, my team and I started working on apreet. Who are you going to meet next week? Whom can you meet anywhere you go?

Getting Over These Pain Points

  1. Working out of town? Meet an old friend or acquaintance to get your mind off your project and spend some quality time.
  2. A meeting got canceled. Whom else could I meet?
  3. Tired of room service? Find a friend in town for dinner.
  4. Do you want to meet more than one person? Select your recipients and send out a message to all of them.
  5. Airport: Who else will be at the airport? Maybe have a coffee and catch up or share a cab going into town?

The Connected Mind

Chance Favors the Connected Mind

apreet inspires encounters on the outer edges of your network. Why is that important, you may ask? Well, the answer is in “Chance Favors the Connected Mind” by Steven Johnson. Steve’s research explains: “…we’ve found … so many new ways to reach out and find other people that have that missing piece to complete the idea we are working on… That’s the real lesson where good ideas come from.” The notion of the ‘Connected Mind’ has also been laid out by Malcolm Gladwell in ‘Tipping Point‘: “new ideas often come from people from the outer layers of our networks”.

Since you may find opportunities everywhere, we’ve made apreet to assist you to reach out to ALL people in your network anywhere you go. Ready to meet more people in real life? Make your travels a more useful and pleasurable experience.

About Us

Daniel Melter

Daniel Melter

Appstatic. Daniel architects apps since 2010 – including some rated 4.5 stars (best in class) totaling more than 5M downloads. Co-built Europe’s largest photo-rating site and community. Co-founded M-Squad, a mobile services consultancy, and MobileMonday Germany, part of a global community of mobile professionals.
Daniel: “In life, people matter most. Bringing people together to make life more enriching and inspiring is my mission”.

Alexandru Calinoiu

Alexandru Calinoiu

‘Calin’ has been programming since the age of 12 starting with an HC 85 and a tape recorder to load Basic games. For the last 12 years he has worked on many software projects, co-founded a start-up and his own software studio. Passionate about programming (duh!), violin, biking, rock climbing, meditation and a vegetarian wannabe.
Calin: “Let’s get this baby flying.”

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